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Considering Adoption?

considering adoptionA loving option for you and your child…

You’re pregnant… 

You didn’t expect this to happen.  Anyone in your position would be upset and frightened. We understand – in fact, thousands of pregnant women have come to us for assistance over the years. You may have a lot of people giving you advice right now like the birth father or your parents.  It can be very confusing.

As birth parents, you are eligible for pre-adoption counseling and support, pre and postpartum medical expenses, baby’s delivery and hospital care, living expenses until and after the baby is born and post-adoption counseling and support. We have couples of all races that are approved to adopt a child.  Some even feel prepared to accept the challenge of caring for a child with special needs.

Every adoption plan is tailored to the needs and desires of birth families and adoptive parents.  Some birth parents want an adoption where they are permitted to meet and correspond with the adoptive parents.  Others prefer never meeting the adoptive family.  We can help you find loving parents who have the qualities you think are important. Call us for a confidential appointment today.  A counselor can visit you at your home or another location outside the office, if you wish.  There is no cost, no obligation and no pressure.

It takes a lot of love to consider adoption planning.

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