Mother’s Stories

Holly’s Story.

What was your situation prior to coming to Foundations of Life (FOL formerly PPM)?

I was a single, pregnant and had just graduated from USF. I was waiting tables. The father committed suicide the weekend I got pregnant.

Were you thinking about abortion?

No, not once.

How did FOL assist you?

The program helped me focus on the important choices to make and to set goals for myself. Also, the program never felt like a handout which helped my self –esteem.

Did you enjoy your relationship with your mentor? How did she assist you?

I did enjoy my relationship with my mentor. She was a positive person who never seemed to judge my situation. She is someone I still think of and smile.

What is your situation now – has it improved?

I went back to USF and received a Master’s Degree in Education. I teach elementary school at a low SES school in Tampa. My daughter is 6 and such a joy. I recently got married to a wonderful man. Life is awesome!

What would you say to someone considering PPM?

There is no better way to make a difference in people’s lives. This program will be one that I will support and inform others of long into the future.

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