I’m interested in adoption, but need to know more

Many women have found adoption to be a very viable option.  Concerns such as finishing education, financial issues, relationship problems, or just not being ready to parent often bring women and men to make an adoption plan. We have a licensed Adoption Agency and can provide you with profiles of potential adoptive parents.  For those considering adoption, financial resources are available through the Choose Life initiative of the State of Florida.

Providing the gift of life to your child will also provide you with the opportunities to continue your education or career goals. You will be able to choose from several adoption profiles being assured that all couples have been screened and approved.  Agreement for the amount of openness to the adoption is discussed prior to the birth of the child.  Adoptions can be open, semi-open, or confidential. Adoptive families go through a thorough assessment to be selected by our agency as potential adoptive families. Prior to finalization, the agency will make home visits to ensure the child’s well-being.  There are no costs to you and the agency handles all legal details for you and the birth father.  While considering adoption there is assistance for your basic needs while you are pregnant.

Contact:   Joan Woody, Adoption Program Coordinator
Email:   jwoody@ccdosp.org or adoptionservices@ccdosp.org
Office: 813-631-4370 x 211      Cell: 813-610-3339      Toll Free: 1-866-973-8638

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