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Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy may not be ready or able to parent but want what they feel is best for both themselves and their baby. Adoption is a loving option. It is a courageous decision to carry and nurture their baby and to make an adoption plan  for their baby. Adoption today puts the birth mother/birth parents in control, they choose the type of adoption plan (open,  closed, semi-open) and they choose the parents they feel will love and care for their baby in the manner they feel is best for their child.  As a pregnancy help clinic, we have a licensed Adoption Agency and can help answer your adoption questions.

The Adoption Agency can provide you with step by step information on the adoption process as well as the profiles of potential adoptive parents.

Every year, thousands of women make the adoption decision, primarily because they love their child and want their child to have a life filled with both love and opportunity

Ken, Karen and Eli

Hello… We are Ken, Karen & Eli…Thank you so much for considering adoption as an option for your family. Ken and Karen met over ten years ago while Karen was visiting New York City from Florida. Although they lived more than fifteen hundred miles apart, they knew they had met someone special. Over the following four years, they dated and traveled to get to know each other and each others families. Ken and Karen own a home in a gated community and have two small, rescued dogs, Sophie and Shane, ages eight and six.

In 2007, after an almost four year wait to have a child, Ken and Karen received the greatest blessing in their son, Eli. They had just returned from vacation when they received the call from their social worker. Ken and Karen were so overwhelmingly ecstatic to finally receive their call for a child. Their initial joy was only the beginning. Their son, Eli, is the greatest blessing either of them could ever imagine. He was born prematurely, and although he needed short-term therapy to catch up, he is now almost a year ahead of his peers. He is the most amazing little boy. Karen and Ken have a tradition of praying for Eli’s birth mom every night. Without her selflessness, Ken and Karen would never have known the sheer joy of being Eli’s parents.

Eli attends a pre-K program three mornings each week at our family’s church. He loves all of his teachers and friends in school, and even asks to go to school on the other two days. He is the happiest child you will ever meet – even at 2-1/2!!!

We live in a gated community that has 24-hour security, a YMCA is nearby, our church is within walking distance, and our families are nearby, too. We have many friends with children close to Eli’s age. Eli wants a sibling so much that when a neighbor needed our family to babysit their child for a few days, Eli went to school telling all of the teachers that he has a new sister!! Of course, we had to explain that our neighbor’s daughter was here for a few days, but Eli’s sheer joy at the thought of having a sibling was contagious to all.

Karen keeps a scrapbook of every paper that Eli brings home from school, and we have a scrapbook of his life from the moment he came home to us at two days old. Our families often comment that they feel Eli has always been part of our family, and he has. We truly believe God always intended Eli to be our son. Eli just had to come to our family with his birth mom’s help.

Karen is a full time mom, and Ken works four days each week in the medical field. We very much want to add to our family as we both would like to have another child, and we think it is best for Eli to have a sibling, if possible. All three of us would like a girl to add to our family, but we have learned in the long adoption process that the right child will come to us only in God’s time. We take peace in knowing our family has God’s blessing.

No matter what you decide for your child, know you are in our daily prayers. God bless you always.

Austin and Danielle

Please know this letter comes from our hearts and was written with honesty and love. Our journey to this point has been long and full of tears, but it has taught us so much about each other and ourselves. Conceiving a child was not something either of us ever imagined being a problem. However, after several years of trying, treatments and tests we were not always comfortable with we made an appointment with the adoption counselor at Catholic Charities and for the first time in years we knew what we were meant to do. That moment changed our lives and gave us both a peace we were longing for. We chose adoption because we know firsthand that love is what bonds a family together. Austin- I am 34 years old and the oldest of three. My family has always been close. I feel very blessed to have grown up in this family. My Dad passed away in 1999 but my family has stayed close. We all talk at least once a week. My Mom lives about an hour away. My sister and her husband live down the street with their new baby. We have a lot of fun with them. My brother and his fiancé live out of state but come to visit several times a year. I am a project manager for a custom home builder. I enjoy being outdoors especially fishing. I like spending time with my wife and son and our dog Spot. We have a lot of fun just being together. I enjoy traveling to new places and returning to favorite spots.

Danielle – I am 34 years old and the older of 2. I grew up in a close family that truly enjoyed each other’s company and still do. I feel very blessed because my parents live close by. My brother and his wife live within 5 miles so we get together often. I am a Kindergarten teacher. My job is very rewarding, I love spending my days with children. Time with my family is a priority. I love to travel and enjoy having family and friends over to our home. We are very close to our extended family and get together for birthdays and many other occasions.

We have known each other for 18 years. We were friends in high school but lost touch when Danielle went away to college and Austin went into the Navy. Danielle dated and married during this time. Although this marriage wasn’t meant to be one precious gift came from it, our son Tyler. We ran into each other at a friend’s wedding in 2002 and we were married 10 months later. We have a very special love that was without a doubt meant to be.

Our son Tyler is 13 years old. He is a hard working student and a good athlete. Tyler is kind, happy and generous. He is looking forward to having a sister or brother. We are both very involved parents. Both of our work schedules have allowed us to spend a great deal of time with Tyler. Until Tyler went to school Danielle stayed home full time and is eager to do the same with our next child. We want to thank you for choosing adoption and allowing us to share our story with you. Our prayers are with you on your journey and we wish you well.

Sincerely, Danielle and Austin

Tim and Cheryl

If you’re reading this page, you may be in the midst of a very trying time in your life. We can’t ever imagine the feelings you have as you find yourself contemplating an adoption plan for your baby. We are grateful for the opportunity to share a little about our family to give you a glimpse of who we are, as well as the life & love we might be able to provide for your child. Please know that whatever you choose, we wish you peace and comfort in the knowledge that you are making the best decision you can for you and your baby’s future.

Let us start by introducing ourselves….we are Tim and Cheryl. We met each other in 2002. A year later when we were married and we began trying for a family right away. Sadly, it wasn’t as easy as we hoped. After two years of trying to conceive and only a couple miscarriages to show for it, friends led us to the adoption program with Catholic Charities. After our first meeting, we felt a sense of peace knowing this was what we were meant to do. We knew that bringing a child into our home through adoption was for us!

Much to our surprise, our decision to adopt was blessed with a pregnancy soon after we began the adoption process. It was a healthy pregnancy and our daughter Sara was born in January 2007. She was truly a precious gift! Sara has made our lives richer and more fulfilling than we ever dreamed possible. In our hearts, the call to adopt is just as strong as ever and we look forward to the day where we bring a child into our home as a sibling to Sara.

At this time, our family is currently made up of Tim, Cheryl, Sara and our four-year old dog named Callie. Callie’s a tan and white Shih Tzu that we brought home when she was a puppy and was our first “baby.”

We live in a three bedroom house that is located in a very safe neighborhood with good schools located close by. There is plenty of room for children to run outside and a pool to swim in. As a family, we enjoy spending time both at home and away. We take walks, play in the park, visit the local attractions (zoo, aquarium and theme parks), swim and just have fun playing together. We enjoy traveling, and although our trips are mostly day ones at the moment, we look forward to taking our family on that Alaskan cruise we’ve been dreaming of!

Tim owns & operates a retail store in Tampa and Cheryl is a full-time mom. Going on 3 years old, Sara has grown into an independent, self-confident and fun-loving child. She enjoys play dates with her friends, loves to dance and deeply adores the Disney princesses.

Life is good and we are eager to share it all with our next child. Our children would be given the best in life we can offer. They will always be showered with love, a chance to grow roots and opportunities to follow their dreams.

We know that you are struggling with making a decision that is right for you and your baby. We wish you the best as the future unfolds and would consider it an amazing gift if we were able to help raise your child.

Peace and love,
Tim & Cheryl

Catholic Charities has two adoption centers. Please contact us to set up an appointment.